Производитель: KYA Technologies

15. HiQ sil C18-15 (Particle Size : 15um ,  Pore Size : 120Å)
Cat No. Column Size Unit price
K078-250-15-120 7.8mm ID x 250mm L $1 300,00
K100-250-15-120 10.0mm ID x 250mm L $1 600,00
K212-250-15-120 21.2mm ID x 250mm L $3 600,00
Guard column    
Cat No. Column Size Unit price
K078-035-15-120-G 7.8mm ID x 35mm L $640,00
K078-050-15-120-G 7.8mm ID x 50mm L $720,00
K100-030-15-120-G 10.0mm ID x 30mm L $800,00
K100-050-15-120-G 10.0mm ID x 50mm L $880,00
K212-050-15-120-G 21.2mm ID x 30mm L $1 040,00
K212-050-15-120-G 21.2mm ID x 50mm L $1 200,00
Price: included a tax on added the cost /VAT/
Price term: DDP Moscow (packing included)
Delivery time: approx. 6-8 weeks on receipt of prepayment
Payment: Prepayment 100%  
Country of original: Japan (Tokio)